Exhibited at the Lindhurst Gallery in the School of Architecture at USC, Memorial to the Natural World satirizes the building of monuments to things that the builders themselves have destroyed. The implication is that the ‘authorities’ make these monuments because it makes them feel better about their misdeeds, and that without major societal change, we as a species will destroy our own planet.

Monument to Higher Animals, 2000
mixed media, H 90″ x W 60″ x D 30″

The pieces in Memorial feature prints, metalwork and painting. Monument to Higher Animals showcases two 7’ obelisk columns with printed drawings of animals, topped by hand-formed brass “tusks.”

Monument to the Oceans, 2000
mixed media, H 84″ x W 60″ x D 36″

Monument to the Oceans features a school of thirty fish that move in air currents above the hand-painted marble column, appearing to swim.

Water Reliquary and The Eternal Faucets, 2000
water & mixed media, H 84″ x W 66″ x D 36″

The Water Reliquary features a central column with illustrations showing the many ways in which we have polluted our water. Topping the column is a chamber in which a single drop of water is seen falling once every few seconds, disappearing mysteriously into the column.