The In Spite of Life Players is an improvisational community theater group in Central Maine. For many years, on the Fourth of July this group has written and presented a political satire. The Play has always been performed in an outdoor venue at mid-day, thus eliminating the availability and benefits of lighting and necessitating bold, dramatic set design and painting. The sets are generally over 50’ long and are 10’ high. Often large, articulated props are part of the design and painting. As the head painter and designer, Tamar collaborates with and directs a very diverse crew of volunteer painters.

“Hell,” 2004

Presented during the George W. Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq, focusing on our dependence on oil as a motivating factor of the war.

Full Set
Detail: “Hell Cafe”
Detail: “Rancho Sangre de Diablo”
Detail: “Humping Hummer”

“Monopoly Roulette,” 2009

Satirizing the Wall Street collapse and economic inequality.

Full Set
“Rich Side of Town,” stage right
“Wall Street,” stage right center
“Poor Side of Town,” stage left

“Tales of Desperation and Da Nile,” 2011

Addressing the policies and attitudes of Maine governor Paul LePage, referred to in the play as Pharaoh Le Plague.

Center Stage

“The Olympics of Love,” 2008

Satirizing the invasive nature of American corporate power in league with the Chinese government as the predominant relationship of the 2008 Olympics.

Full Set
Center stage right
Stage right
Stage left