Since 2008, Tamar has been obsessed with the luminous color and abstract layered imagery that she’s developed using gelatin plate printmaking. She has been fascinated with this process and its ability to include found objects and plant materials. The resulting tension between manufactured and organic forms has been a major element in her work.

2023 Monoprints

2021 Monoprints

2020 Monotypes

2019 Monotypes

2018 Monotypes

Gelatin Plate is a non-toxic, low-tech and inexpensive printmaking technique, which requires NO PRESS. Luminous, multi-layered monoprints and monotypes can be created using water-based acrylic paint or printmaking inks. Ink is applied with a brayer (roller) to a plate or pad of very concentrated pharmaceutical gelatin. Images can be painted directly on the plate or, using subtractive techniques, they may be achieved by touching the inked plate with various textural objects. The latter method can allow the artist to attain near-photographic clarity and it is especially effective using plant material. Gelatin Plate printmaking is by nature a very spontaneous and accessible medium.

2016 Monotypes

2015 Monotypes

2014 Monotypes

2013 Monoprint


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