This is the current incarnation of Tamar’s RSC counter front, now located at the Paul J. Schupf Arts Center in Waterville. Scroll farther down to see its original appearance, along with the reaction of the local press.


The Railroad Square Cinema is an art movie theater in Waterville, Maine. For years the theater has been a cultural center to Waterville and the surrounding communities, providing an opportunity for the people of Central Maine to see films available in any world class city. In 1994 the theater was destroyed by fire. After a fundraising drive which elicited a great outpouring of community support, enough money was raised to build a new theater. Tamar Etingen was one of the many people involved in the creation of the new cinema, designing the counter with help from carpenter Dan Bloomer, and applying a decorative metal veneer to its surface. The overall effect of the finished counter is modern and opulent _ a metallic collage of organic and geometric designs integrating pieces of computer parts, cameras, and found objects to create an ambience reminiscent of the art deco theater lobbies of the past. 

         “A stunning piece of new art, 18 panels created by local artist Tamar Etingen , can be seen by all who visit the rebuilt Railroad Square Cinema in Waterville. Here, a fascinating array of circles, squares, cylinders, shafts and raised dots are crafted in copper, gold, silver, brass, and aluminum and riveted to satin-gray steel. Etingen’s designs, though stationary, are as ready to move in the mind’s eye as mobiles by famed sculptor Alexander Calder or the dancing geometrics of painter Paul Klee’s “The Temple of Longing Thither,” circa 1922. The panels are part of the movie theater’s concession counters for the popcorn machine and ticket window. In the cinema’s new building, rising out of the ashes of an Oct.1994 fire, the counters adorn a lobby now born to high art, worthy of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.”

                  Victoria Hershey, 10/29/95 Waterville Morning Sentinel

The counter has been reconfigured twice to accommodate the addition of more screening rooms in the theater. The last and most radical reconfiguration was in 2015 when a separate entranceway for the ticket counter was constructed in collaboration with Jeff Cucci. This entailed the creation of a new panel, restoration and the restructuring of older parts. 


The counter was reconfigured in order to accommodate

construction of three theater screening rooms.

Remodel 2015    Phase 3

The theater was reconfigured with an entrance hallway. The ticket booth and schedule rack were at the entrance with a doorway to the lobby, art exhibit space and concession counter through the doorway to the right.