Printmaking Workshops


            Each workshop participant is provided with a print plate (a 4” x 6” cast pad of concentrated pharmaceutical gelatin). A registration system is set up with the plate in the center and dimensioned paper hinged with masking tape on either side of the plate. This system enables the artist to work on two prints simultaneously. It also allows the artist to print well registered multiple colors on each print. Luminous, multi layered monotypes can be created using water-based acrylic paint or printmaking inks. Images can be painted directly on the plate or, using subtractive techniques, be achieved by touching the inked plate with various textural objects. The latter method can achieve almost photographic clarity. Five colors of ink and the brayers (rollers for ink application) are provided. The inks are shared by the two participants on either side of the inking area.

            Gelatin Plate printmaking is by nature, a spontaneous, fast-paced medium, which is very adaptable and accessible. The only accommodations needed are table space and water availability (not necessarily in the same room). Prior printmaking experience is not required. 

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